M.M.LaFleur The Effy Dress - Braided Stripe

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This cozy dress is made from extra-fine merino wool, finished with a special process that makes it extra soft. The Effy features a shift-style cut, mock neck, and ribbing at the neckline and hem. Note the thin stripe, made with a knitting process called Intarsia, which incorporates different-colored yarns to create patterns. Model is 5'8" and wearing a size S, which falls approximately 36 1/2" from shoulder to hem. The sleeve length is 25" from shoulder to sleeve hem. Note: We're pleased to report that after extensive testing, we have deemed this piece hand-washable with the Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo! Because we printed the care labels before this additional testing, the tag on your garment will say that it should only be dry cleaned-you can disregard this. If you have any questions about how best to care for your garments, please reach out to us at bonjour@mmlafleur.com. To give your knits a long lasting life, please make sure to fold your pieces (rather than putting them on a hanger) and gently remove pills with a cashmere comb.

Dress Attributes

  • Maternity: No
  • Nursing Friendly: No
  • Style: Sheath
  • Best Seasons: Autumn / Winter
  • Brand: M.M. Lafleur

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